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Критическое видео - Происшествия на железной дороге | Критическая точка
"Критическое видео" - Происшествия на железной дороге | Критическая точка
Пьяная женщина-врач на Киа в Пасху, ул. Спасская. Место происшествия 17.04.2017
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Первый городской канал в Кирове
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CNN: AFA President Sara Nelson Talks American Airlines Incident
AFA International President Sara Nelson talks to CNN about the Dallas-bound American Airlines flight on April 21, 2017.
The Van Halen Incident on Jimmy Kimmel Live
David Lee Roth cracked his nose with a chrome rod on stage at the opening of their on-stage and on-air performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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UFO NASA's unexplained tether overload incident
Tether incident unexpected electric overload. UFO during Live NASA transmission.

Ice debris or UFOs:

Both arguments are correct. There is both ice debris and UFOs, but they get mixed up in this clip. That is because all of them looks the same in this camera. You can watch a clip (OC7zw8aemlg) where they do a formation.
Also a full, uncut version (ujcSwuRBXRc) is available.

Here is some hints how to distinguish them.

Not affected as much in size as the ice debris when zooming inn/out, since they are further away.

They got sharper edge and are more dense (although less visible many times because of the distance).

Can appear from nowhere even though no zooming.

Faraway objects, they cover a large distance in a short time even when zoomed out (indication of high speed) and some almost leave a trail behind, while the close debris passes camera view only by floating and no trail.

You'll see observers already at 1:51 in center and to the right.
United Airlines Has Lost $900 Million After Incident
Shares in United Airlines slipped by just over 1% Tuesday as the company scrambled to address a video showing a passenger being forcibly dragged off an overbooked flight.

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Celebs REACT To United Airlines Passenger Incident
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United Airlines is making headlines after videos have surfaced showing a man being forcefully dragged off of a flight after refusing to deplane after being asked by officials. Four passengers in total were asked to leave the flight in order to make room for four airline employees and while the other three passengers exited, the man shown in the video did not. He declined to leave explaining that he was a doctor and had patients to tend to in the morning. After the manager insisted that the man must deplane, the customer still refused. After the situation escalated, police officers then boarded and proceeded to drag the man off the plane.
The video has been shared numerous times on social media which has led to many celebs speaking out on Twitter. Ava Duvernay was appalled saying QUOTE – “This could be me or you next time. Shame on @United who broke customer trust + instigated this. Shame on the airport cops. Cowardly assault.” Zendaya wrpte – “I am appalled and absolutely disgusted…this is unacceptable.” Kumail Nanjiani said – “So @united sucks. But the Chicago police who dragged the man off the flight are also monsters. Police using unnecessary force, again.” Joss Whedon tweeted – “Getting on a United flight this morning. Excited to, I don't know... stay on?” Chrissy Teigen wrote – “cannot wait to use ‘i will re-accommodate your ass’ in my next fight.” Whitney Cummings said – “I feel like Pepsi and United are pulling from the same employment agencies.” Jeffrey Wright poked fun at their slogan tweeting – “United. Fly the Friendly Skies. this boot on your throat.” But definitely the most ironic was what Nick Nicotera pointed out about his United app update. When updating the app it says “supports new drag and drop feature” below the united icon but in this case, it applies to something a bit more literal. Nick tweeted – “Bad timing on your app update, @united.”
Jimmy Kimmel made a spoof of the incident with a fake United promo video called “United Airlines. F You.” Check it out:
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FIA Released Original CCTV Footage of Islamabad Airport Incident
FIA Released Original CCTV Footage of Islamabad Airport Incident
The Gracefield Incident Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Found Footage Horror Movie HD
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The Gracefield Incident Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Found Footage Horror Movie HD

On August 16, 2013, the Supreme Court mandated the CIA to declassify files that had been kept secret for the past 75 years.

Visual records of documented paranormal events were released to the public.

The following incident took place in Gracefield, Quebec.

Written, Directed, Produced & Edited by MATHIEU RATTHE

Executive Producers
BRYAN TURNER / Priority Records Founder
PAT BRISSON / Head of Hockey at CAA
SERGEI FEDOROV / Ex NHLer & Future Hall of Famer

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Bruce Springsteen - Incident On 57th Street (piano)
Filmed at The Globe, Stockholm, Sweden. 24-10-2002

The Wyoming Incident Returns | Case File Update
After three years of silence, one of the strangest games in my Case Files has returned, and it seems to promise a major new phase of the story. Hold on tight--the Wyoming Incident is back from the dead.

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Incident Response Plan (CISSP Free by Skillset.com)
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I Broke Day One: Garry's Shitty Incident
This game is like a sponge for badness, it absorbed all the bad from great videogames and it is the hero we need, but not the one we want to play right now.

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Indie di Merda - Day One Garry's Incident
Questo gioco è un CALDERONE di merda!
Magliette AceGamer:
TeamSpeak AceGamer: :9990
Mashal Khan Incident A University Student is murdered in Mardan Wali Khan University
Shahzeb Khanzada Response On Mardan Incident
Mashal Khan Incident A University Student is murdered in Mardan Wali Khan University


Check out Hilarious Answer of Sohail Khan on Ramiz Raja’s Question PSL2017

یہ لڑکی ہے یا قیامت: نیلم منیر کی ایک اور تازہ ترین ویڈیو نے بڑ

Najiba Faiz After Peshawar Zalmi Won psl2017

Rameez Raja Jokes On Kamran Akmal psl 2017

Silly Point With Rameez Raja psl 2017

Imran Khan In Happy Mood During PTI Worker Convention In Peshawar

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THE JAPAN INCIDENT (Maricraft: Block of Love Finale)
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It's the finale of Block of Love - and the crew are off to Japan! Although, they're in for a real surprise..

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The AFK Ishtar Incident
Laugh it up Nerds -- Watch live at bjornbee
The Butter Incident
I tell the story of what happened to my arm.
Sabrina: watch?v=JdNEnr15R-0

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