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Беспорядки у ТЦ Москва Люблино  видео с места происшествия Таджики Бунтуют на Сотрудников МВД
Очевидцы сообщили, что на месте драки в торговом центре в Москве слышны хлопки, похожие на выстрелы. Информация проверяется.

Напомним, ранее сообщалось, что сегодня вечером в торговом центре на юго-востоке столицы произошел конфликт между охранниками и продавцами, который пресекли полицейские. По некоторым данным, торговцы, ставшие участниками драки – мигранты. Согласно неофициальной информации, один человек был госпитализирован, у него произошел приступ эпилепсии. В ГУ МВД РФ сообщили о задержании участников инцидента.
Bruce Springsteen- Incident On 57th Street w/ Lyrics
(0:28) Spanish Johnny drove in from the underworld last night
With bruised arms and broken rhythm in a beat-up old Buick but dressed just like dynamite
He tried sellin' his heart to the hard girls over on Easy Street
But they sighed, "Johnny, it falls apart so easy and you know hearts these days are cheap"
And the pimps swung their axes and said, "Johnny, you're a cheater"
Well, the pimps swung their axes and said, "Johnny, you're a liar"
And from out of the shadows came a young girl's voice
Said, "Johnny, don't cry"
Puerto Rican Jane, oh, won't you tell me what's your name
I want to drive you down to the other side of town
Where paradise ain't so crowded, there'll be action goin' down on Shanty Lane tonight
All them golden heeled fairies in a real bitch fight pull thirty-eights and kiss the girls goodnight

(2:15) Oh, goodnight, it's all right, Jane
Now let them black boys in to light the soul flame
We may find it out on the street tonight, baby
Or we may walk until the daylight, maybe

(2:49) Well, like a cool Romeo he made his moves, ah, she looked so fine
And like a late Juliet she knew he'd never be true, but then she didn't really mind
Upstairs a band was playin', the singer was singin' something about going home
She whispered, "Spanish Johnny, you can leave me tonight, but just don't leave me alone"
And Johnny cried, "Puerto Rican Jane, word is down the cops have found the vein"
Well, them barefoot boys, they left their homes for the woods
Them little barefoot street boys, they said homes ain't no good
They left the corners, threw away all of their switchblade knives
And kissed each other goodbye

(4:00) Johnny was sittin' on the fire escape watchin' the kids playin' down in the street
He called down, "Hey, little heroes, summer's long, but I guess it ain't very sweet around here anymore"
Janey sleeps in sheets damp with sweat; Johnny sits up alone and watches her dream on, dream on
And the sister prays for lost souls, then breaks down in the chapel after everyone's gone
Jane moves over to share her pillow but opens her eyes to see Johnny up and putting his clothes on
She says, "Those romantic young boys (those romantic young boys), all they ever want to do is fight"
Those romantic young boys (those romantic young boys), they're callin' through the window:
"Hey, Spanish Johnny, you want to make a little easy money tonight?"
And Johnny whispered, "Goodnight, it's all tight, Jane
I'll meet you tomorrow night on Lover's Lane
We may find it out on the street tonight, baby
Or we may walk until the daylight, maybe"
Oh, goodnight, it's all right, Jane
I'm gonna meet you tomorrow night on Lover's Lane
Ah, we can find it out on the street tonight, baby
Or we may walk until the daylight, maybe
Ah, goodnight, it's all right, Jane
I'll meet you tomorrow night on Lover's Lane
Now we may find it out on, on the street tonight, baby
Or we may have to walk until the morning light, maybe
(Goodnight, it's all right, Jane)
(Goodnight, it's all right, Jane)
(Goodnight, it's all right, Jane)
(Goodnight, it's all right, Jane)
(Goodnight, it's all)

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STRANGER Than Roswell: The Incident At Maury Island 6/1/17
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FBI Critical Incident - Ep01 - Documentary
FBI Critical Incident covers the crisis negotiation unit in action with three edge of the seat one-hour case studies.
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Where violence and criminals strike, local law enforcement responds, but sometimes help is required. This is when they bring in the specialists, the CIRG: the Critical Incident Response Group. FBI Critical Incident covers the crisis negotiation unit in action with three edge of the seat one-hour case studies.
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Behind The Titantron | Mass Transit Incident | Episode 5
Finally! A NEW Behind The Titantron Episode! Thanks guys for being so patient!

In this episode I cover one of the most controversial incidents in ECW History! Posing as a 22 year old trained wrestler Eric Kulas got more than he bargained for when he entered the ring as a substitute against the notorious New Jack. After asking for “Colour” in the match New Jack did the honours which proceed with a fountain of blood as Kulas!

What was the full story? How did Kulas get into that position? What happened to Kulas or more importantly what happened to New Jack and ECW? Find out in today's episode!

Lots more content coming soon!

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A random guy with a psychotic behavior

Watch it on Newgrouds: portal/view/621749

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This animation is based on ''Madness Combat'' series by krinkels: user/MDKrinkels
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Incident on 57th Streeet / Rosalita - Springsteen - MetLife#3 Aug 30, 2016
2016 The River Tour - Summer Stadium Leg
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
MetLife Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ - August 30, 2016
Shot from the pit

Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Van Zandt, Max Weinberg, Garry Tallent, Roy Bitten, Nils Lofgren, Soozie Tyrell, Charlie Giordano, Jake Clemons, Patti Scialfa
NTSB And FAA Investigating Air Canada Incident At SFO
Jackie Ward reports on what could have been a catastrophic accident on SFO taxi way last weekend (7-11-2017)
What Happened to The X-Men Explained! (The Westchester Incident) - LOGAN
What Happened to The X-Men Explained! (The Westchester Incident) - LOGAN
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In this video I talk about what happened to all the X-Men years ago as the film drops details of the story about what happened in Westchester at Charles Xaviers home througout, and also go on to explain how mutants are no longer able to be born in the world.

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Logan Westchester Incident Explained
Logan What Happened to The X-Men?
A Brief History of: The Poplar Tree Incident
Latest Video: watch?v=TPImtSBFPHo

Hello and welcome back to another episode of a brief history of and today we will be looking at the poplar tree incident of 1976.

The amount of people that it took to cut down this poplar tree in the JSA area DMZ is quite unbelievable. The fact that the tree is in the DMZ is the important part of the story.

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My entry for madness day 2013, hope you guys enjoy this little slaughter,

Watch it in flash: portal/view/625463

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This animation is based on ''Madness Combat'' series by krinkels: user/MDKrinkels
Check it on newgrounds for more animations like that: collection/madness
The Gulf of Tonkin Incident (1964)
The Gulf of Tonkin incident or the USS Maddox incident is the event responsible for America’s entry into the Vietnam war.

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Incident at 20th and Locust involving unmarked police vehicle
At around 7 p.m., officers pulled over a vehicle occupied by two wanted suspects on 20th at Locust. The driver was wanted for an Assault 1st and the passenger was wanted for Making a Terrorist Threat. Three firearms were recovered from the vehicle. While officers were making the arrest, a third suspect threw rocks at arresting officers. The third suspect was taken into custody and detained in the back of the blue Impala which is an unmarked police vehicle. The crowd started moving in a threatening manner towards the Impala and because of road closures, the car could not go forward. The officer driving the blue Impala backed down the street to safety. No injuries have been reported to the department at this time.
The debut feature by writer-director Jane Linfoot is an intimate study of guilt, betrayal and responsibility.

Joe (Tom Hughes - The Game, Dancing On The Edge and ITV1 drama Victoria, ) and Annabel (Ruta Gedmintas - The Tudors, The Borgias, A Street Cat Named Bob) are a successful young couple who see their comfortable lives disrupted and their relationship unravel when they each make a decision to ignore the plight of Lily (Tasha Connor), a troubled teenage girl.

The film is released in UK cinemas from 25 November, find out more at:

Yup, we got boarded by the coast guard and had a little incident... Caught some nice fish too! :-)

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Doug Austin Incident
Check your heart medication... I love this guy! It isn't about disestablishment, but brings a lot of good questions into argument. For the right: Listen. For the Left: Listen. Pick and choose your tickets. Make this guy (Doug Stanhope) go to the top! We need more boundary dissolves.
Major Incident Management
What happens when your critical application goes down? Well, that depends on how well you have prepared. This video describes how to prepare your organization to manage a major outage.
"Whiskey on the Mississippi" Kevin MacLeod ()
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